Jilin High-tech Zone held the recent safety production work arrangement and the "safety production month" start-up deployment meeting

来源:   时间: 2024-06-04 16:55
  On June 4, Wang Li, deputy director of the Management Committee of Jilin High-tech Zone, presided over the recent safety production work arrangement and the launch and deployment meeting of the "Safety production Month" to arrange and deploy important festivals and important activities such as the middle school entrance examination, the Dragon Boat Festival, the Jima Race, and the safety production Month consultation day。
  Conference emphasis,要深入贯彻习近平总书记关于安全生产重要指示批示精神,We will carry out a three-year campaign to tackle the root causes of workplace safety,Conduct screening and inspection,Strengthen risk research and judgment in important time periods,We will strengthen security oversight in key areas,We will do a good job in all kinds of security precautions,We will continue to consolidate the foundation for safe production,Improve the level of intrinsic safety,Prevent and curb the occurrence of production safety accidents,To ensure the stable production safety situation in high-tech zones。
  The meeting required that we should focus on the investigation and rectification of hidden dangers in key areas during key periods and build a strong security line。All relevant departments and streets should take the three-year action of tackling the root causes of production safety as the carrier,In accordance with the requirements of the "Notice on doing a good job in preventing work safety in the near future" issued by the District Security Commission Office,Adhere to the principle of "full coverage, zero tolerance, strict law enforcement, and practical results",We will investigate and rectify potential security risks in key areas,Strictly implement the responsibility of safety supervision,We will crack down on illegal commands, illegal operations, and violations of labor discipline,Strengthen work site safety management,Strictly implement the position responsibility system and safe operation procedures,Ensure site safety。
  The meeting stressed that the whole society should be mobilized to do a good job of publicity and education activities in production safety month。All units should fully mobilize enterprises, communities, villages, schools and other social forces,Actively organize and participate in Safety Month activities,We will carry out the five-step work safety campaign,Various types of emergency drills were carried out according to the plan,Conduct safety training and seminars for various industries,Publicize and popularize safety knowledge,Improve self-rescue capabilities in response to accidents and natural disasters,Improve safety awareness,Guard against security risks,Mobilize the whole society to jointly identify and eliminate security risks。
  The meeting required that emergency duty should be done well to ensure timely emergency response。It is necessary to effectively prepare for emergency duty and strengthen response to extreme weather。We will further strengthen information sharing, consultation, research and judgment, and emergency coordination, and promptly take targeted and effective preventive measures to ensure safety。It is necessary to prepare vehicles, equipment and materials, and the rescue team should strengthen its preparation, and provide rescue forces in key locations and key periods when necessary。To implement emergency duty, all units must strictly implement24Hourly duty and leading cadres in charge of the shift system to ensure smooth information。
  High-tech zone safety committee member units relevant responsible persons attended the meeting。(Tan Wan-wing, Emergency Management Agency)