[Jiangcheng News] High-tech Zone: Enterprise demand-oriented precise service to solve problems

来源:   时间: 2024-05-30 09:28

  Since April of last year,The Party Working Committee and the Management Committee of the High-tech Zone have steadily promoted the work of "nine solutions and one coordination" in serving enterprises,Strengthen departmental coordination,Deepen and expand the selection of "enterprise confidants",Oriented to the needs of enterprise development,For the enterprise pain points, blocking points, difficult problems,Clear solution path,We will continue to improve the development environment,Promote the development and growth of enterprises。

  Jilin Aier Eye Hospital is a professional eye hospital located in the high-tech zone。Since the city carried out the work of "nine solutions and one coordination", Wang Sujia, the "enterprise confidant", has repeatedly gone into the enterprise to find out the development problems and understand the needs of enterprises。After learning that there was no institutional testing problem in the province for ophthalmic professional equipment such as the hospital's comprehensive optometry table, he actively reported to the urban two-level service enterprise office to help the enterprise connect with relevant departments and coordinate to solve the hospital operation problems。

  After the establishment of the testing standard for strong inspection measuring instruments in our province, it makes up the gap of no such testing standard in the three eastern provinces。In the future, hospitals can not only apply for verification nearby, but also save nearly 100,000 yuan in testing costs every year。

  In addition, the "enterprise confidant" has also communicated with relevant departments many times to solve problems such as the hospital qualification level and joining academic exchange organizations。

  Since the implementation of the "nine solutions and one coordination" service enterprise work, the high-tech zone has selected 157 "enterprise confidants" "one to one" to guarantee 157 "four enterprises", and focused on cultivating enterprises into the regulation and sampling enterprises under the regulation。So far, 573 requests have been received from enterprises, and 390 have been completed。


  Source: Jilin City Radio and Television reporter Lu Jiawei (chief) Wang Nan